Spinning is one of the most widely practiced techniques in the world. Everywhere on our planet we can find spots suitable for this technique, both in freshwater “Fresh Water “and in saltwater ” Salt Water.” This fishing aims to catch predators. They have used eddies of size ranging from 1000 to 5000/6000 and spinning rods in two pieces or mono pieces.

Launch and recovery of an artificial bait which can be made of different materials such as metal, plastic, or wood, so the fishing action will take place. For each type of artificial bait, we will adopt a different recovery; we will deepen the recovery methods in the next articles concerning precisely the kinds of spinning lures.

In the sea, sea bass, greenhouse, barracuda, and lick bites are the predators we will meet with more ease, some will be more frequent others less, it all depends on the spots where we go fishing and on our approach with this technique, in fact for each predator we will differentiate rods, reels, and baits.

In the fresh waters, we will often use the same spinning rods, and we will go in search of trout, chub, perch, perch known throughout the world as Black Bass and pike, the latter being at the top of the food chain in Fresh Water.

Spinning fishing rods are made with innovative materials, such as carbon fiber, and there are a lot of models to choose from. In this brief guide, we will deal with specific models, very useful for fishing on the move.

Spinning fishing provides a precise technique that is characterized precisely by its dynamism.

It is a small tool, usually divided into two sections, but it is not uncommon to find even one-piece fishing rods. The latter is more recommended, since they ensure better action and high precision, but are more inconvenient to transport.

Everything depends on your needs: are you willing to sacrifice the performance of the rod to have more efficient transportation?

The minimum length of spinning fishing rods is about 1.80 meters, reaching a maximum of 3.30 meters. These are the two length limits (minimum and maximum) that contain an impressive number of models.

Some made to meet the needs of the most experienced fishermen, others suitable for those approaching fishing for the first time. Furthermore, other models for fishing specific prey or for being exploited in particular conditions (even the fishing place is a determining factor for choosing the perfect rod).

The Importance Of Launching For Spinning Fishing Rods

The spinning technique involves two essential phases that characterize the dynamism of fishing: launch and recovery. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a sturdy rod that allows you to launch at long distances, but at the same time able to also ensure good sensitivity.

The recovery provides perfect harmony between the revolutions of the reel and the movements that are made by the rod.

It is not a simple technique, but once you understand how to make recovery more fluid, the artificial used to attract the attention of the prey will seem almost alive.

Where To Use The Fishing Rod?

A stream, a river, the lake, the sea, on the boat or along the shore … The fishing rod has a very versatile use. It is an indispensable tool to hook the small prey wherever there is a reservoir.

However, there is no universal model. The different environments require equipment and a specific configuration, which must be chosen carefully if you want to get the best results. Even the type of fish requires a different rod: trout, pike, eel … to each his equipment!

How is the fishing rod made?

Each type of fishing requires a specific kind of rod. But regardless of the places where this activity can be practiced, the cane is composed of:

  • Fishing Reel: with the invention of this instrument, it was possible not only to throw them out in unthinkable areas but above all to be able to fight prey of essential dimensions, thanks to the use of the now-ubiquitous clutch
  • Reel Seat: it is the device that allows immobilizing the reel, aligning it to the structure of the shaft
  • Handle: enable the rod to be held securely in hand, preventing it from sliding or rotating. The most common types of handles are cork (on short or spinning rods) and neoprene. A good grip is supported by gripping the barrel at the height of the reel that acts as a support.
  • Tip: the sensitivity of the advice allows you to respond promptly to the bite of the fish. A sensitive and reactive tip allows excellent prey ferrate also using very elastic nylon.
  • Rings: allow the thread to slide along the shaft of the fishing rod. The longer the barrel is, the higher the number of rings mounted. They are made of metal, plastic, and other resistant materials.
  • Stem Or Body, which is characterized by a different level of flexibility

Classification Of Fishing Rods?

Fishing poles can be classified according to various criteria. The main aspects to consider are:

  • rigid or semi-rigid structure
  • long or short structure
  • with or without a reel

Rigid Or Semi-Rigid Fishing Rod?
Generally speaking, rigid rods are more suited to athletes and those who have already gained good experience in the practice of this activity. Instead, the semi-rigid and more flexible ones are suitable for those who approach this sport for the first time: they allow launching more easily.

Related to the type of rod, weight must also be taken into consideration, bearing in mind that if this is excessive, it will make the activity more tiring, especially if practiced for a prolonged time. Weight can be decisive in all fishing techniques that require repeated casting.

Length of the fishing rod?
As for the length, the general rule is that the barrel is shorter the farther the distance from the throw is. In practice, the exceptions dictated by the materials and the type of fishing are many.

A shorter rod is more manageable, suitable for longer and more accurate casts, a long rod instead offers more sensitivity and can be used with supports, especially in night fishing.

A good strategy is to stay on the medium ones, which allow maximum flexibility and versatility. Balancing is also essential: the longer a rod is, the more it will tend to become unbalanced, that is to lean forward, tiring the fisherman’s arm.

Fixed or telescopic fishing rod?
A fixed rod has no rings and is the most used in float fishing, both in still waters and at sea. However the recovery of the preys can be difficult, and for this reason, variants with rings and reel have been introduced.

Then there are the telescopic or grafted rods, that is, with variable length thanks to the possibility of mounting different pieces or segments in succession.

Product Review

UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod

UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod

UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod is the next generation series of spinning rods. Its unique tip design and assists anglers can visually detect the lightest of strikes. It is available in a large variety of lengths and weights both one, two, and four pieces.  It angler can purchase short to long, dense to ultralight, and just about every combination of distance and wealth in between.


  • Specially Engineered fiberglass
  • For improved sensitivity and performance, it has graphite construction.
  • It has featured a bright tip design.
  • It is ultra-durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • It has Lightweight EVA Foam Grips.
  • 6-inch medium-power spinning pack rod
Spinning rod performance quite good Some may prefer traditional cork grips
EVA foam on this rod
It is so durable
It has a wide variety of options

SHIMANO Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod

SHIMANO Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod

SHIMANO Solora 2 Piece Spinning Rod is very much durable with aero glass construction rod blank. To retain a long durability run and its aluminum oxide ensure smooth surfaces. Many reviewers have reported about its rod is slightly stiffer than listed. If you are primarily considering a purchase of this rod, it might be best to step down in power size.


  • Made up with solid locking graphite reel seat.
  • Aluminum oxide guides reinforced.
  • Lengths between 5.5 and 7 feet long.
  • Secure reel seats and classic cork body design.
It is very budget minded Weights and Lengths are limited
Design 2 piece Higher End Rods performance and durability is not so good

Shimano FXS 2 Piece Spinning Rod

Shimano FXS 2 Piece Spinning Rod

For all skill levels and ages the Shimano FXS 2 piece rods created for anglers. These versatile Rods cover a wide variety of lengths and applications. It can easily be purchased several heights and weights. You can easily find the rod as your demands, all the way to a seven-foot medium-heavy rig from a five-foot ultra-light rig.

If you are so concerned about the budget then this Shimano FXS Rod is the best choice for you. Its rod can handle everything from saltwater to freshwater and have a variety of angler experience level.


  • The graphic Reel seat is reliable locking.
  • Aeroglass blank is durable.
  • Aluminum Oxide Guides Reinforced.
  • EVA handle grip
  • Power is medium-heavy with fast action
  • Monoline capacity is 12-25
It is specially designed for all skill levels Higher end rods may perform not well
Various sizes available

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

This ugly stick Elite spinning rod is a combination of fiberglass and graphite with virtually indestructible blank construction. When it comes to durability, this band is the one. You can easily find any combination according to your desire fishing needs. Its long six-foot rod can eliminate any risk or weakness of inserts coming out mid-battle.


  • Its bright tip design delivers strength and responsiveness.
  • One piece of stainless steel Ugly tuff guide.
  • Its Elite spinning rod includes 35% more graphite for exceptional feel and strength.
  • Cork handle is for a classic look.
  • I have padded reel seat and hood.
Cork handle is very comfortable during long time fishing Slightly spender than others
Very much durable
Quality construction
Variety of lengths and weights

Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo in Hard Carry Case

Daiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo in Hard Carry Case

Daiwa Mini System Mini spin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo in Hard Carry Case is the perfect size for tucking your luggage. Its case is hard ultra-compact.  It has a twist buster line for reducing twist and also Gyro Spin for balancing.


  • Specially designed for anglers on the move.
  • Its compact setup is ideal for keeping under a car seat, stowing in luggage or backpacking that comes in its hard case.
  • Multi-disk drag, ball bearing drive, and Ultralight MS-S500T reel with smooth.
  • For 2-6 pound test lines it has a five-piece ultralight rod.
  • Tackle compartments built-in.
It includes Spinning Reel Sometimes lack of performance shown in
breakdown convenience
In has ultra-compact breakdown rod
It is totally budget friendly
Ultra-compact breakdown rod

SHIMANO TREVALA Spinning, Graphite Saltwater Jigging Spinning Rod

SHIMANO TREVALA Spinning Graphite Saltwater Jigging Spinning Rod

These technique-specific sticks are created for vertical jigging in oceans of almost any thickness. Coupled using a higher speed reel, then you’re able to fast and meticulously introduce your bait to fish from every water column, notably ones that are deep.

Built to drag in the sea hogs, the burden, strength, and also bend of the pole are similar to any different jigging particular pole. Shimano uses what they predict TC4 technology to manage these sticks that primarily use a lightweight, higher density plastic in the building of the pole clean.

Fuji Concept Alconite Guides are still the very best at the company, offering an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio. Aside from 7 ft mild electricity sticks to 5’8″ additional hefty electricity sticks, you will be sure you locate a version to match your own needs. The Trevala sticks can be obtained for $120.


  • It is a highly innovative rod series design.
  • High carbon but with TC4 tip.
  • It is reinforced with Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides.
  • Ultra-smooth diamond polish finish.
  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Comfortable EVA rubber grips.
Increased sensitivity and less weight
Recovery rate is super-fast
Increase jigging action
Subdue fish faster

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod (6-15-Pound Test)

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

This spinning rod has grown extremely popular as time passes. Its features like 6-15lb evaluation that’s suitable since it is helpful to capture the greatest and deepest fishes which can be caught by just one particular stick and it could be achieved very handily. This medium-power spinning pole is 5’6,” and ergo it can extend in pretty heavy into the water to tempt the fishes to your lure.

Simple to utilize both of the hands- left or right. The sturdy structure makes it exceptionally durable and productive. The rotation pole is slick, and it portrays a dark matte finish with silver and high red lights that gives it an elegant touch. In general, this conventional fly fishing pole is quite dependable and lasting for your objective.


  • It has an EVA handle. Much strong and durable.
  • Uses fiberglass and graphite.
  • It provides dependable performance for all skill-level anglers.
  • 6-15 lb test
  • Rod construction one piece.
  • 6” middle power spinning rod
Perfect for catching heavy and big fish The traditional look need updated skills
Combination of graphite and fiberglass
Equal hand usability
Diamond wind grip for a great appearance

Buyer Guide

How To Choose The Best Spinning Fishing Rods

After giving some general information on the type of rod and the specific spinning fishing technique, we have to concentrate on the features to analyze to choose a perfect model to say the least.

As for the material of the spinning fishing rods, carbon fiber is preferred, which has managed to easily overcome the glass fiber (resistant, but more substantial and less sensitive).

The rings play a crucial role, as the spinning technique also involves the use of braided lines. The advice is always to evaluate with the utmost attention the quality of the ringing of the rod since even on models of excellent quality it is possible to find rings of little value mounted.

Better to avoid the Hardly rings (advice directed mainly to the more experienced fishermen) and prefer Alconite, SIC or titanium rings with decidedly higher quality.

How many segments must have spinning fishing poles? The choice can be addressed in three distinct directions:

  • One-Piece Models: awkward to carry, but the best in terms of precision and sensitivity of the frame.
  • 2-segment spinning rods: the only ones that can make the most experienced fishermen smile and use single-piece rods. Made with high-quality materials, they guarantee excellent performance.
  • Spinning fishing rods in 3 or 4 sections: recommended for those who for the first time approach the spinning technique and for those in search of a straightforward rod to transport. The telescopic rods are very comfortable.

Nothing more to add, compared to what was said previously, regarding the best material (the first place is up to the carbon fiber), but a last piece of advice concerns the handle.

The Materials And The Handle
Currently, fishing rods are almost all made of carbon fiber, an innovative material that guarantees elasticity and strength and has replaced traditional fiberglass.

If you look at the price, you will find that it is certainly not economic; fortunately, products made of mixed fiber are still available, which are more affordable and therefore more affordable for a beginner.

Other important parameters to pay attention to are the materials of the wire, which must be such as not to overheat, and the rings which must be small and light to facilitate the guiding function of the line.

Finally, don’t neglect the grip: the thin one (so-called cigar) is suitable for small fish, the flared fish for medium / large ones. The thinner one is suitable for catching small fish, the flared fish for much larger prey.


What’s the difference between a conventional and a spinning rod?
There exists no more and a shorter answer for an own question, so we’ll handle these both. The easy answer is that any rotation pole is much simpler to work with than the usual casting rod, particularly if you’re seeking to throw a few light baits.

The longer answer is that you will find a lot of facets that produce the massive difference between the other.

The direction that they’re assembled is just one, for the reason that projecting sticks possess a stripper that is placed closer into the reel plus so they comprise relatively tiny guides.

You genuinely do not need more prominent guides when employing a traditional pole. Anyway, the varieties of baits you’re going to be in a position to work with with the other are not the same.

If, for example, with a traditional rod you’re able to use big baits and jigging bucktails, with a rotation pole you’d want to utilize a lure that weighs only approximately 1 to 4 oz.

How to cast a spinning rod?
It is possible to begin by building your gear. Keep on by holding the rod with the hands that you use for performing virtually any undertaking. Look closely at the job of the reel since it should be located below the pole.

Take around 6 inches online and proceed to show the grip with a little finesse up until the roller has now reached the area under your index finger. All you need to do today is hold the line from the rod, open the bond, and make use of a smooth movement to acquire your pole in a vertical posture. To bend your pole, we advise you to use your elbow and wrist rather than your shoulder.


These spinning rods hope to meet all the fishing challenges you want for your fishing adventure. You can easily catch fish with these. These rods are lightweight versatile and capable of maintaining loads.

So do not worry about the reviews. We have researched a lot with live experience on that. After purchasing please share your experience and provide your opinion. Happy Purchasing!!!