Add Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs

Do you want to add custom WooCommerce Product Tabs?

Most products these days have a lot of essential information that needs to be communicated to the customers. But, you will find it difficult to organize all that information with the default tabs.

So, we need to add additional information to our products, such as short descriptions, long descriptions, tech, reviews, sizes, shipping instructions, and more that depending on our needs.

In this short context, We will show how to add custom WooCommerce product tabs.

Default of tabs in WooCommerce

We can know that by default, each WooCommerce product has three tabs: Such as description, additional information, and reviews.

Description Tab: This tab is where the long description of the product is displayed.

Additional Information Tab: On the contrary, this tab shows the attributes of the product if it has them. If they have not been configured, it is not seen amid the display options.

Reviews Tab: This tab shows two things reviews, and product ratings if they are active in the settings.

These default WooCommerce tabs can be more than enough for most eCommerce stores. But, there is a possibility that your stores need to add additional custom WooCommerce product tabs so we can add important information or product features.

Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs Plugin

You can add custom WooCommerce product tabs using a plugin. We have listed the best WooCommerce product tabs plugins for you.

By installing the plugin and activating it, it can be used, no other configuration is needed to make it operational. When we edit a product we will see it in the product screen section.

These tab content areas use the standard WordPress text editor and we can add any text, images, HTML, or shortcodes.

Programmatically Add Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs

In this section, We are going to add programmatically add custom WooCommerce product tabs.
We will use the woocommerce_product_tabs filter functions.

You need to add the following code to your child theme’s functions.php file.

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Learn more here:  woocommerce_product_tabs filter.

Programmatically Add Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs

Programmatically Add Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs

Add a tab to the product data metabox

This section is an extra guide for you. You can add Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs using the metabox. So let us see:

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Add a custom tab to the product data metabox


As we can see, it is a very simple and complete guide. Using the above method, a user can be provided with tons of content without hesitation on the product page.

To summarize, We have seen multiple ways to add custom WooCommerce product tabs:

  • Using a plugin
  • Programmatically

Let us know in the comments below if you have found this guide useful and leave your suggestions for future articles.

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