Disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Do you want to completely disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor (block editor)?
Do you want to retain the classic WordPress editor?

Gutenberg is the default WordPress block editor for WordPress.org and WordPress.com. The Gutenberg block editor has replaced the classic editor. Many WordPress users expect Gutenberg is an inflexible block editor. It’s very hard to adjust their website.

In this context, I will show you, how to completely disable the Gutenberg block editor and retain the classic editor on the WordPress website.

In brief, Gutenberg is a brand new block editor for WordPress. You can create posts, pages, or products for your website. You can make a beautiful WordPress website using the Gutenberg block editor. The WordPress core development team has included the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress Version 5.0.

How To Disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor

You can disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor in two ways. A great method to disable Gutenberg WordPress block Editor is to install a free plugin. In the next sections, I’ll present you the most effective WordPress free plugins to the disable Gutenberg WordPress editor. I will show you two ways.

  • Using the plugin
  • Using the PHP functions ( programmatically )

Disable Gutenberg with the Plugin ( Classic Editor )

For this process, First, Your need to instill the WordPress Classic Editor plugin, After instill the Classic Editor plugin the Gutenberg block editor will be automatically disabled. By default, the Classic Editor plugin included Gutenberg block disables settings.

This plugin also displays an option to allow both the Gutenberg block editor and the Classic editor. So, if want you possibly can customize this plugin’s settings.

Also, you can do it from, WordPress admin area » Settings » Writing options. You will see two options Classic editor and Block editor.

Disable Gutenberg With The Plugin

Disable Gutenberg With The Plugin ( Disable Gutenberg Plugin )

You can completely disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor using the Disable Gutenberg plugin. This Disable Gutenberg plugin will completely disable the Gutenberg block and which is replaces it with the Classic Editor.

You can particular disable WordPress posts, pages, roles, custom post types, and themes. also, you can conceal the Gutenberg nag, menu item, and, many more! This plugin has included some awesome features eg, Meta Boxes, Quicktags, Custom Fields. This plugin institutes the original classic WordPress editor screen.

However, you should use the Disable Gutenberg plugin to completely disable Gutenberg WordPress editor to your website.

Disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor Programmatically

I already mentioned the easiest way to disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor. So, In this paragraph, I’ll present to you, the right way to disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor Programmatically. How to completely disable Gutenberg from Custom Post Types, Meta Boxes, older ways, etc.

The new process to disable Gutenberg
You should add the following pieces of code in your theme functions.php file and don’t forget to save the file.

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Totally disable Gutenberg WordPress editor on the older versions. Add this code in your theme functions.php file.

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Conditional way disable Gutenberg. Keep in mind, this code will be work, but completely depend on which WordPress version is running. So, before adding this code check your WordPress version.

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Below the two methods to disable Gutenberg WordPress editor for Custom Post Types ( Specific post types, eg, post type == book ). 1. New method and other the old method. Before adding the code you should check the WordPress version and Gutenberg version (if you use Gutenberg ).

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The new Gutenberg version 4.1+ and the old Gutenberg version less 4.1. also Compare the WordPress two filter hooks. New use_block_editor_for_post_type and old gutenberg_can_edit_post_type

Disable Gutenberg block for Meta Boxes. Many plugins use meta boxes so, sometimes you may need to remove the Gutenberg block from the meta boxes. Happily, you can do it the very easy way.

Add the following code and looks, the last parameter: ‘__block_editor_compatible_meta_box’ => false

The Old way, Simply add the following code to your wp-config.php filefile

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Wrap Up

I have already shown you two methods, disable Gutenberg WordPress editor. So, you can choose the best ways for yours. I hope this article will help you to completely disable Gutenberg WordPress editor. I like to recommend you disable Gutenberg use a free plugin.

However, if you have any questions, please feel free comment to below.

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