Reduce Javascript Execution Time In WordPress

Reduce JavaScript Execution Time is among the most hugely affecting your WordPress website’s performance. it’s essential to control JavaScript issues that slow down the website’s loading time.

Today, In this guide, you will first understand the effect of JavaScript Execution on your WordPress website performance, and you will learn how to quantify and identify the JavaScript issues and how to Reduce Javascript Execution Time manually and with plugins on your WordPress website.

If you would like to Reduce JavaScript Execution Time in your WordPress websites, First, you need to find out the large JavaScript files and optimize all files.

Discovering the large JaveScript files could be very exhausting for you. So, you can Reduce JavaScript Execution Time by removing unused JavaScript files using an Asset CleanUp plugin as well as minifying, combining, deferring, and delaying JavaScript files.

Many files might be optimized using caching plugins like, Autoptimize, Async JavaScript, Flying Scripts. JavaScript Execution Times may come from third-party codes like, Google Fonts, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, YouTube, Facebook Feed, Twitter Feed, etc. Check this article, How to optimize third-party codes.

Impact of JavaScript Execution Time on Website Performance

JavaScript Execution Time is nearly related to the FID score, which measures the page’s interactivity and responsiveness.

If you try to connect with a page, and if you don’t get any output, it means that the browser is busy processing the JavaScript files. That’s why you must try to decrease the size of JavaScript files as much as possible.

The FID is almost tied to the TBT (Total Blocking Time), one of the Lighthouse performances. So, the TBT overall performance score is 25%, you will be able to understand how your PageSpeed Insights score will be affected by JS Scripts.

Measuring JavaScript Execution Time WordPress via Google Pagespeed Insights

If your WordPress website has any JavaScript Execution time problem, the Google PageSpeed Insights will show a warning that looks the attached.

Measuring JS Execution Time via Pagespeed Insights

As you can see, JavaScript execution time WordPress shows the time by each step:

  • Total CPU Time
  • Script Evaluation
  • Script Parse

Measuring JavaScript Execution Time WordPress via GTmetrix

When testing your WordPress website performance in the GTmetrix shows you a very similar result.

Go to the GTmetrix Structure tab and look for the status of the JavaScript execution time WordPress. You will then get the details about each JavaScript phase.

Look at the below, the JavaScript Execution Time is above 2s.

Measuring JavaScript Execution Time WordPress Via GTmetrix

Reduce JavaScript Execution Time WordPress With Plugins & Manually

You can Reduce JavaScript Execution Time in WordPress using the following three simple ways. It’s very important for your to Reduce JavaScript Execution Time on a WordPress website.

So, let’s follow these three simple methods to Reduce JavaScript Execution Time.

  • Delay JS and Remove Unused JS
  • Defer JS
  • Minify JS

Below are several plugins that can help you Delay JS and Remove Unused JS, Defer JS and Minify JS.

We recommend the Asset CleanUp plugin to Reduce JavaScript Execution Time and you can improve your website performance without using any other plugin. You can use the Asset CleanUp pro version also.

Delay JS and Remove Unused JS using the WP Rocket:
If you’re using the WP Rocket plugin for your website, you can Delay JS and Remove Unused JS very easy way, Look at the attached.

Open the Plugin setting to the File optimization tab and flag the Delay JavaScript execution option. The WP Rocket plugin will automatically delay the JavaScript execution.

Delay JS and Remove Unused JS

Defer JS with WP Rocket plugin:
Below an example of the defer JS attribute:

Copy to Clipboard

You can fix these issues using the WP Rocket plugin.

So, Check the attached.

Defer JS

Minify JS Using WP Rocket:
The WP Rocket plugin offers you a simple way to minify JS files. First, Go to the WP Rocket Setting and open the File Optimization tab, and activate the Minify JS files.

Also, you can use another plugin. Like: Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache plugin, etc.

Minify JS

Check this article, the complete guide: Speed Up WordPress Website.

Recommendations to Reduce JavaScript Execution Time in WordPress Website.
Keep in mind, As a WordPress user you should avoid the following, it will help you to avoid Reduce JavaScript Execution Time warning.

  • Use a static image instead of a slider.
  • Avoid overusing widgets such as social networks or third-party scripts in your sidebar or the Footer.

Wrap Up

Reduce JavaScript Execution Time in WordPress is a pivotal step in improving the FID score and boosting your WordPress website performance score in Google and GTmetrix. it’s essential to improve your website PageSpeed Insights performance score.

Hope this article will help you to fix the Reduce JavaScript Execution Time warning in the WordPress website and it will help to improve your website performance score.

If you have any questions about the Reduce JavaScript Execution Time, please comment below.

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