Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is basically a process through which relevant improvements can be made in order to gain exposure in the results of Search Engine.

To gain more visitors to your website then the first and most important thing is to gain more exposure in Search Engine. Now the point is that what improvements can be made in order to gain more exposure on Search Engine results.

The job of a Search Engine is to find and understand all the content available on the internet and then delivers a result that should be made in a result that a “phrase” input by a user for what he is looking for and searching for.

When a user searches for something like Android Mobiles, the search engine shows a list of results that should be relevant to that phrase i.e. android mobiles.

In this process, the Search Engine will first analyze all the pages that have ever visited by the users on the internet and then take the pages out that are most relevant to that phrase i.e. android mobiles.

Step By Step Killer Guide To On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Step By Step Killer Guide To On-Page Search Engine Optimization

In today’s context, I am going to share some easy and really effective On-Page SEO Guide and it will definitely help you in order to understand SEO through different aspects. The guide Step by Step Killer Guide to On-Page Search Engine Optimization is specially written for beginners.

But before starting the topic, I would like to clear a point that Search Engine Optimization consists of two different categories, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. So, This guide is totally based on On-page SEO factors.

Let’s start, and I will discuss the following topics.


The website’s URL is really important to search engines as well as users. A site having improper or bad URL structure can badly affect its ranking in Search Engines.

  • It must be user friendly
  • Easy to read for both users and search engines
  • Contain a keyword related to post on a page
  • Should always be written in lower-case letters
  • The length of URL must be within 100 characters and it’s also a best SEO practice nowadays
  • Must use dashes (-) instead of underscores ( _ ) in URL

Please see the attached image for the Correctly Guide on Structuring Your URLs.

The Complete Guide on Structuring Your URLs Correctly

The next most important thing just after the site’s URL is Title. It’s the first description on the page that users of search engines read, in fact, it is also very important to search engines because it contains the keywords phrase that the user is searching for. The title of the page is not just only improves your site ranking but also increase your Click-through Rates CTRs.

  • It must contain 15 to 65 characters in length (in my opinion 40 to 65 characters title is good)
  • Try to use a unique title for each page on your site
  • Don’t duplicate the title tags on multiple pages of your site
  • The title must contain minimum one keyword from the page

Normally Meta description tags are not a factor in site ranking algorithm. However, you can use them as a description that the users will see inside the results of Search Engine Result Pages SERPs.

  • It must contain the maximum length of 160 characters
  • It must not be less than 50 characters
  • It must consist of 1 to 2 sentences
  • Use one “Keyword” per sentence

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc. have already clearly mentioned that there is no Search Engine Optimization value of Meta Keyword Tags.

  • Not use it at all according to new Search Engines guideline instructed by Google

It is a very important thing to know that search engines evaluate the value of SEO through determining the position of text as well as the size of the text. Heading tags consists of 6 different tags i.e. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.

Implementing heading tags on a particular word or phrase on the web page could increase the size of that word or phrase as compared to other text on that web page. Having keywords inside the header tag will ultimately help you to get positive SEO results.

  • H1 tag must be used inside the title of the page’s post
  • H1 tag should only contain text
  • H1 tag should not contain any images or logos
  • H2 – H6 tags can be used inside the body of content on page. Normally H2 and H3 tags are used

Heading tags are relevant to each other that means.

    • Don’t use H2 tag if you have not used H1 tag
    • Don’t use H6 if you don’t have not used H5 tag

No doubt Search engines love Quality Content. It is a very important On-Page SEO element.

      • A page should contain around 400 to 600 words unique content
      • It should not be less than 300 words
      • Only a blog post can be longer to maximum 800 words
      • Don’t use duplicate content on any page of your website

Internal linking is obviously a good technique for on-page Search engine optimization, linking your website’s other pages within in a post using the Anchor text on the keywords. This SEO technique engages the visitors on your website.

      • A post should contain an average 2 or 3 keyword phrases internal links

The alt tag is a tag that should be used in the website’s images in order to make easy to understand for search engines. Actually, the Alt Tag of the image contains a keyword that describes the image.

      • All images of your website should contain Alt Tags
      • File name of image must consist of relative words
      • No image name contains numbers or special characters

By implementing Alt tag in images you could not only help search engines but also receive handsome traffic when a user searches for an image related to your keyword.

Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

It is quite difficult for the majority of website owners, bloggers and businesses to drive traffic, especially in the case when SEO guidelines are not implemented properly on their website. Therefore, it is vital to consider SEO elements to get search engine rankings and positive SEO results.

A lot of bloggers and the website owners make some mistakes in routine related to Search engine optimization that causes the bad impressions of the website is not only the eyes of search engines but sometimes it also gives a poor user experience.

Using Wrong Keywords

The most common of all SEO mistakes that many bloggers and the website owners make is that they used wrong keywords in their content. By doing this mistake you can never get desired optimal results. Try to use the right keyword and also target high valued keywords. By doing so, you will surely get huge organic traffic from search engines.

Using Duplicate Content

Another mistake that many bloggers usually do is that they copy someone’s content and post it to their website. Google targets the websites through its Google Panda algorithm update to kick-off copied content sites from its search engine result pages SERP. Never do this at any cost to keep safe your website from the Google Panda penalty.

Missing ALT Tags

ALT tags are used in images to enable them to become search engine friendly and by doing this the image becomes recognizable to search engines. Missing ALT tags or using inappropriate ALT Tags is another SEO mistake.

Over Use Of Keyword And Keyword Stuffing

Using the same keyword frequently inside a post on a page is not good at all for you because it is considered as a Black Hat SEO Technique and also it causes boring to the reader. So, try to use synonyms and alternative keyword phrases instead of repetition of keywords.

Using Poor Anchor Tags

Using poor anchor tags can directly affect your rankings in search engines and also it makes a bad impression in the user’s mind because the anchor text used on a word or phrase is not relevant.

Tips to Make WordPress Websites SEO Friendly

If you are commencing a new weblog subsequently WordPress is definitely an exciting platform for it because it’s totally free, friendly for users and it has a variety of plugins that provide you many options and customizations. It is also considered as an excellent written content management system, which is an extra advantage. Additionally businesses and also individuals the same can easily make use of this because it’s quite easy for you to optimize this pertaining to Search Engine Optimization.

WordPress is often an SEO friendly system by itself and you can easily further optimize this with the help of some simple plugins that can be installed.

I honestly believe, Yoast SEO plugin is the best SEO plugin for WordPress Users. Yoast has brought out and about a new WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin that isn’t only simple to use but also offers their worth pertaining to the two, specific website owners and also businesses.

      • SEO Plugins Of WordPress
      • Selection Of Style Is Significant
      • Producing XML Sitemap
      • Keywords And Phrases Needs To Be In Meta Description Tags
      • ALT Text Should Be Used For Images

The Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Researching keywords is the most important activity in Search Engine Marketing. If you want to generate more traffic for your website you have to focus right keywords related to your website niche.

For doing this there is a lot of free keyword research tools available on the net. Here are the best free keyword research tools that I have found best for researching keywords. In the article, I will share with you keyword research tools without Google Keyword Planner and LongTailPro.

Word Stream Free Keyword Tool
Word Stream free keyword tool is a built-in suite that is designed to help search marketers for keyword suggestions, keyword analysis, short-tail and long-tail keywords, keyword grouping, and negative keyword analyzer. Word Stream free keyword tool has a database of over trillion keywords that increases its performance and capabilities that a free keyword tool can provide.

It features a huge database that allows you to research keywords by filtering the niche or adult keywords. While using free version it only delivers top 100 keywords for free.

Word Tracker Keyword Tool
Word Tracker keyword tool is probably the most authentic free keyword research tool that is available online. Within a few minutes, the Word Tracker keyword tool extracts high-performance keywords.

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
SEO Book website is running by a popular SEO Expert Aron Wall. This website offers a variety of free SEO tools that includes a keyword research tool too. SEO Book Keyword suggestion tool is powered by Word Tracker. This tool gives you high-quality information, suggestions, and ideas about your keyword phrase that is based on search volumes of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.

Über Suggest Free Keyword Suggestion Tool
Über Suggest is another online free keyword research tool. By using this keyword tool you will be able to get a large number of ideas and suggestions relating to your keyword phrase and user queries.

Keyword Eye
Keyword Eye free keyword tool makes it possible to simplify your research about your keyword phrase. It makes keyword research very fast, simple and creative. This tool is a visual tool that enables you to check the increase and decrease in keyword phrases that are determined by their search volumes and offers 10 free keyword types of research daily.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to pick the right keyword tool that will definitely help you with researching keywords.

Successful Facebook Marketing Strategies And Guide

When we talk about social media marketing and social media optimization, We think we do marketing on Facebook. Facebook is the most important platform that is fit for online marketing. Using Facebook in one of the most trending activity that people do online. But using Facebook as a social media marketing tool is not easy.

For successful Facebook marketing, you have to follow some guidelines in order to get a positive and fruitful result from it. Having a Facebook fan page is not a big thing, but managing it properly is where the work comes in.

Here you would find some important strategies of Facebook marketing but first, you have to know the importance of Facebook as a medium of social media marketing.

Importance of Facebook for social media marketing

Target Audience On Facebook
The first and foremost advantage of using Facebook as a social media marketing tool is that you already knew that the majority of the target audience is already using Facebook and another fact about it is that the majority of users spend around 50 minutes to 60 minutes daily on Facebook. This fact makes it easier for you to put your business in front of your visitors that will maybe become your customer too.

Easy Connections
Facebook fan page enables you to interact with the fans that help you to create meaningful long-lasting connections and relations with your fan page target visitors. It is a common mistake that many businesses do, they don’t focus on their connection with the audience on Facebook and that’s why they lost a lot of their business.

how to make a consistent and meaningful connection with audience

Be Consistent
You need to post on your Facebook fan page on a consistent basis. It helps you to maintain and enhance your visibility and also keeps you in the news. Consistency does not mean to post too much. Never do this! A post once or twice in a day is good.

Relevant Posting
Any post you write on your page should always be relevant to your business. It is strongly recommended to post content on your Facebook fan page that is relevant to your business or services.

On the other side, it doesn’t mean that you always content about specifically your business. Simple is that you can share articles, news on your page that is related to your business or services niche and helpful for your Facebook target audience. Also allow your fans to give opinions and suggestions.

Be Punctual
Another important element of successful marketing on Facebook is to manage your fan page accurately. Try to respond to the visitor comments. Try to ask some relevant questions. (Regularly or time to time) This technique does not only helps to build strong connections but it also shows how caring are you with your fans on Facebook.

The secret behind a successful social media marketing through the fan page is very simple that is always being consistent, relevant and punctual. If you follow this guideline you will be able to build a successful relationship with your visitors.

The Best SEO Plugins For WordPress Website 2021 [Update]

Often we’re requested about what are the most effective WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins and tools that i suggest. Optimizing your website for search engines might help you rank increased in search results and considerably grow your online business. In this text, I will share the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools that you need to use. Some of these tools offer comparable functionalities, so I will also highlight which ones are the most effective for particular use-cases.

Every plugins pro version available
I hope this article helps you discover one of the best WordPress SEO plugins for your website. You can also wish to see Speed Optimization tips to simply improve your website performance.

In this tutorial, I have tried to give the best suggestion for your SEO, Keyword Research and Facebook marketing. So, if you have any questions, please comment below or if you like my content, please share it with your friends.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keyword research and Social Media Marketing is the most important and useful for every website or blog owner. At least, You should need to know, SEO or marketing basic ideas. So, I have decided to make the tutorial. In this tutorial, you would be getting SEO and Marketing some of the ideas.